Healthy Living and Holistic Balance are Key.

Greetings! My name is Louise M. Smith. I am an Inventor, Spiritual Holistic Healthy living life coach, Inspirational speaker, Minister of the Gospel of YAHSHUA. I truly believe that GOD design the body to heal itself; also, that great health is not only about physical food but spiritual food. Everything that absorbs into our body and mind is a food it can be physical or spiritual. Food can be words or thoughts negative or positive, your body will feed on it. Everything about life begins in the mouth what we eat, what we drink what we speak, the power of life and death is in the tongue (mouth).


Don't Become A Statistic



Nearly half of adults in the United States have hypertension

High Cholesterol

95 million have total cholesterol levels higher than 200 mg/dL


34 Million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes

“Things seem bleak and our collective health is worse then ever. But there is a solution to this problem that is plaguing us and our families today.”

Purpose & Passion

My passionate and purpose in life is Nutritional health Spirit, Mind Body, Soul and Spiritual living, to motivate others to live life to its fullness, while living with purpose.

Pure Nutrition

The RyWhe Remedy

All my life I have been involved in natural medicine as my father and mother always used alternatives from nature the wild. I grew up using everything from pine sap, pine needles tea to aloe, we never visited the doctor. My personal search for alternatives to drugs began over 30 years ago. I was always mixing and putting something together for certain things that might be going on with the body. I have extensive research in holistic health and I am an avid practicing believer of holistic and spiritual healing.

For over 6 years I did intensive and extensive literature research and non-traditional therapeutic practice.  I did this with the sole intent of trying to develop nutritional supplement that will alter the body common medical conditions. treatments over the continuing years.

What People Say...

The Good Word


Spiritual Health


You are what youConsume

From my life’s work in research, I’ve been able to develop four nutritional supplements that will greatly enhance a healthy living style for many people. My goal is to continue to develop more supplements or nontraditional treatments over the continuing years.

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