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We strive to develop a line of products with the qualities of all natural and organic functional ingredients that will augment and improve general health without side effects. We are introducing an innovative, ready- to-drink health and wellness oriented beverage line into the U.S. market under the ‘RyWhe” brand banner. The patented beverage features key RAW, all-natural, ORGANIC functional ingredients currently not found in the ready-to-drink category. These natural ingredients have been popular remedies for a range of ailments since the time of Hippocrates (460 BC – 370 BC). Hippocrates himself prescribed these ingredients for many conditions, from skin rash to ear infection. More recently, these ingredients have been used to address a wide range of health concerns, including: Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetes (controlling blood glucose level), Arthritis, Digestion, and Sore Throat.

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Our History

Hi, I’m Louise Smith

I believe that GOD purposefully and uniquely created all living things with the means to heal themselves.

Thousands of years ago, Ancient Greeks practiced the belief that the mind, body and spirit connection were the pillar of healthy well-being. My holistic therapeutics are founded on these beliefs.

While things seem grim, and our corporate health is worse than ever; there is a solution to the problem that is plaguing us and our families today: What I believe is the solution and the secret to a healthier you. “Is the RyWhe Method.”

The RyWhe Method is discovering how GOD designed the body to heal itself through the eliminating systems. These eliminating systems were created to remove all toxins and waste from the body.

The discovery of the Therapeutic formula, “RYWHE,” supports maintains and stabilizes the eliminating systems. This is perhaps what mankind has been looking for, “The fountain of life, The fountain of youth” 

RyWhe is wellness, longevity, youthfulness, and the practical use of mind, body and spirit. It is a life style of commitment for satisfying of having a fit and youthful body, a curious, and imaginative mind that enclose the meaning of “spirit.”

It is an absolute fact that we are what we consume, however consumption is not limited to food and water it is also spiritual, consumption is what we watch, consumption is what we listen to, consumption is what we speak, consumption is what you think, consumption is our thoughts.

The mind requires positive perception. After all, we are what we perceive and reflect ourselves to be; therefore, the necessity of one’s well-being is the demanding need for spiritual provisions.

Unlike the mind and body, spirit requires faith, the evidence of things unseen. Found in the ever-enhancing endurance of one’s well-being is one’s faith. Wellness has a beginning but no end; there is no perfect in well-being. It is a life-long endeavor, where the achievable objectives are more important than the goal.

Aging is literally the decaying of the body. Its effects deform from the inside out, and disintegrate the healthy and pulsate from outside in.

It is a curse to age however, growing older is a blessing when accepting the offerings of holistic therapeutics.

We can grow older in an ageless manner. In other words, we can grow older but remain ageless.

I approach the understanding and the implementation of well-being as multiple parts awaiting synergistic interface so to achieve measurable objectives. 

When I’m speak about wellness and the body coming together to enable the spirit as well as the intellect, we should not think that we can have one without the other.

The body is like a puzzle; its function depends on the assembly and fit of one part within and upon the other.

Now that you know what I believe, just who am I?

I am an Inventor, Published Author, a Spiritual Holistic Healthy Living Life coach, Inspirational Speaker, Minister of the gospel, and a Practitioner of holistic health. 

My background in the medical field began many years ago. I started with my military training, first as an Army Medic, moved on to (EMT) Emergency Medical Technician and on to Nursing. I also have a Bachelor of Science -Child Development and Early elementary Education (THB) Bachelor of Theology. I am a practitioner of Holistic Science.

My husband is a General and Vascular Surgeon. We started a solo practice, which grew into a Multi-Specialty clinic which consist of Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, and Surgery. My daughter is a West Point Grad and is now a Family Medicine Physician.

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